Grand Island, Nebraska precipitation map

Grand Island is a city visited by tourists with pleasure. Rain can interfere with certain plans. Therefore, we advise you to open a precipitation map on our website, where an accurate weather forecast and possible precipitation are given.

Map features

Grand Island's precipitation map is a detailed geographic map that shows the movement of air masses and every minute is painted the possibility of rain. Information about precipitation on the site map is up-to-date, it is updated quickly, the cloud moves, and the picture moves virtually.

In summer precipitation on the map is represented as raindrops, in winter precipitation looks like snowflakes.

The amount of precipitation is highlighted in color - the higher the concentration, the darker the image.

With Grand Island's rain map you will know exactly what time it will rain, how long it will last. This helps to clearly plan your time and spend it usefully, even if it is raining outside. For example, you can wait out the rain in a cafe over a fragrant cup of coffee or watch an interesting movie in the cinema.

Precipitation in Grand Island is shown on the map with special symbols:

  • liquid precipitation;
  • solid precipitation.

Their intensity is visible. A thunderstorm or hail is shown on the map.

Precipitation map in other cities:

The advantage of modern precipitation maps

Thanks to the new technology implemented in Google and Yandex maps systems, now the rains are broadcast online. The weather is forecast in real-time, with an accuracy of 10 minutes, and on the map, you can even predict the further movement of weather fronts.

The algorithm of our system is based on the analysis of many thousands of images obtained from meteorological radars, a forecast is displayed and its effectiveness correlates with the real state of affairs, and the picture of the "Precipitation Map" is displayed online. If the system is sufficiently well trained, it will automatically not only broadcast the weather every minute but also predict precipitation and wind with an accuracy of up to hundreds of meters and up to minutes.

The indisputable advantage of the service is the ability to find out with a high degree of probability whether precipitation is expected within the next two hours or even minutes.

Just imagine - a person, using a phone, maybe, having positioned himself with the help of GPS, sees the state of the weather around him, the forecast, the weather at the destination (if he is on the road) at the time of day he needs.

Current weather

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